Like many of you, I took my holidays in August and had a lovely, relaxing time away. I came back fully refreshed and ready to roll. In fact, I was so enthusiastic upon my return that I accidentally kicked over my PC tower, totally destroying my hard drive, and all the information on it!

Many of you will remember that only a few months back I managed to spill a cup of tea on my PC (I’m more than a little clumsy!) and that had provided me with the opportunity to test at least part of my recovery process. Well, my most recent path of destruction has meant that my entire back up system and recovery process has been tested to the max.. and I’m pleased to say that the majority of it has all gone smoothly. Although I have definitely learnt some new tricks and found a few gaps to be filled. It has also been much more time consuming than I realised, but having this back up has meant that nothing has been lost and everything can continue as normal…. although I am going to bubble wrap my PC!

I’m sure you all have very robust recovery processes in place but, if you haven’t already, I would suggest a full run through of the exact procedure you would need to follow in the event of disaster. It will alert you to any flaws in the procedure (I have learnt a couple of things which could make it much easier next time – although I hope there isn’t a next time!) as well as helping you to manage expectations in terms of timeframe and, of course, giving you peace of mind when it all goes well.

Hope you all had lovely holidays too, without such a dramatic return!!

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