Well, Friday was the big night. It was the Women into the Network award ceremony and I had been shortlisted in the Young Entrepreneur of the Year category. The event was held at the beautiful Hilton in Gateshead, and we duly turned up, put on our fancy outfits and hunted out the complimentary bubbly!

The format for the night was that the first four awards were announced, there was a break while we ate our meal, and then the remaining six were announced. My category was the first one after dinner… which meant lots of water (instead of wine) for me, and my chicken getting pushed around my plate. I was far too nervous to eat!

Over the last couple of weeks, the WIN team have been to the Para-Sols office to do some filming. I also popped up to be interviewed at the BIC in Sunderland and the film crew did an amazing job of putting all the footage together to make a short video about Para-Sols which wasn’t half as embarrassing as I had expected!

The golden envelope was then opened and the winner was announced… and it was me!! I was completely caught by surprise, and hadn’t even prepared a speech as I didn’t think it would be needed, so I just mumbled a few words before shakily sitting back down and letting the shock sink in.

To say I was surprised is an understatement and I am absolutely delighted to have been named the Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 by WIN Ltd.

As well as the amazing honour of being given an award, the actual evening was great fun and I had already made friends with a few of the other nominees prior to the event – it was all round an fantastic experience and I’d like to thank the judges, the organisers at WIN, all the lovely clients I work with and all the people who have supported me over the last 18 months. I had a glass of champagne (or two) on behalf of all of you!

Cathi x

Lovely recommendation from one of our clients on IFALife – thanks very much Tina Weeks!!