Hello all and welcome to a brand new year!

We hope you had a lovely break and are fired up ready to tackle whatever this year can through at us – I know we are!

I just thought I would quickly share the outcomes from a photoshoot the Para-Sols team did recently. We’re actually really chuffed with the results and they show off our gorgeous new home (offices!) very well. There are also some ‘outtakes’ which I promised not to published… although I may be bribed with chocolate!


One of our New Years Resolutions is to update our customers more frequently as there is always so much going on here – so feel free to give us a nudge if you don’t think we’re keeping you well enough informed!

In the meantime, have a wonderful first few days back and enjoy the healthy feeling that comes with the January detox as I’m sure we’ll all be falling back off the wagon in no time!


The Para-Sols Team