You may have seen the tweets earlier this week but, for those who didn’t, I was delighted this week to be appointed to the Board of Directors for the Personal Finance Society!

With 35,000 members, and the role including being involved in the setting of the society’s strategy and supporting our members in their professional standing, this is a hugely important role and one I am extremely excited to be involved in.

My hope is to bring a fresh perspective to the board; both from a paraplanner perspective and from a ‘youth’ perspective. While not as young as I once was (who is?!) I am still below the average adviser age and have a real enthusiasm to see more young people choosing financial services as their career, rather than just ‘falling’ into it as so many of us did. This will therefore be one of my personal key aims to work towards over the coming three years.

I’m extremely grateful to the board and members for voting me in and hope to do the role justice.

Any questions or comments on this are more than welcome – feel free to drop me a line at


As paraplanners, we are often asked what our favourite or most helpful software tool is. Apart from our innovative, self-built case management system, Rise, the system I use daily and find invaluable, is Financial Express Analytics.

I use this tool for fund research, literature, performance, asset allocation and to compare options to provide the most appropriate solution for our advisers.

The fund filter tool allows you to shortlist appropriate strategies, based on a variety of parameters, such as cost, availability, financial strength and comparable performance. This is helpful for those advisers who do not have a centralised investment proposition or wish to go “off-panel” due to a client’s specific requirement.

For advisers who have their investment propositions, FE can be used to compare the financial strength and asset allocation of those funds against clients existing strategies, to easily show a client the benefits of the recommended strategy and while past performance is not an indication of future performance, it can create a strong argument when used alongside other indicators.

The best part of the FE system for our clients, is that, because we have licenses, you don’t have to; further saving costs to your business.

So next time you’re puzzling over which fund to use or would like an investment solution for your independent client, then give us a call and we can shortlist it down for you – or compare a variety of strategies to help you choose the most appropriate.

Don’t forget we also offer a Platform Due Dilligence service and Cathi offers consultancy services, which can help you to create a centralised investment proposition.

We’re here to help, use us!