Which direction does the profession go from here?

Recently our Founder & Director, Cathi Harrison, took part in an interview for Money Marketing around the paraplanning profession and where it’s heading. Read her comments from the article below…

Qualifications alone do not create effective paraplanners

“The role of the paraplanner has specialised over the past few years, in the same way the adviser role has. The focus for paraplanners is now ensuring they are spending time on the more technical elements suited to their skill set. This has meant the adviser, paraplanner and administrator roles have become much more clearly demarcated.

Overall, I don’t see a huge change in the number of paraplanners out there. Some will naturally move into adviser roles, and the number of new paraplanners just isn’t high enough to offset that and achieve growth in this profession. In terms of qualifications, working towards a Level 4 Diploma makes sense, but we do find, as is the case in most professions, that a qualification does not make a good paraplanner.

They help, and can back up good experience and the right skills, but are not the be all and end all.

Anything that isn’t client relationship management, and business managing, should be handled by a support team of paraplanners, administrators, office managers, HR etc, depending on the size of the firm. The actual tasks will be carved out depending on the people and roles available.

Again, there is no one-size-fits-all; it’s what works best for that firm, to ensure the clients get the best possible service and experience”.

For the full article, click here.

Last night was a triumphant one for Para-Sols as we walked away with not one… not two… but three awards at the Professional Adviser Women in Financial Advice Awards!

Most Inspiring Returner

Our Founder and Director, Cathi Harrison, was awarded ‘Most Inspiring Returner’ recognising her determination whilst on, and her return from, maternity leave. Coming up with a new business idea (which we now know as our sister company Apricity) is one thing, but her tenacity was put to the test when she returned and soon set about putting her ideas in to action. Starting a new business at the same time as growing an existing one, with a newborn, is proof she was more than deserving of this award. And yes, she was known to answer the odd email from her hospital bed!

Woman of the Year – Adviser Support Services

A second award won by Cathi, reflected the support that both Para-Sols and Apricity provides advisers and planners across the UK. The full team work incredibly hard to deliver the highest quality of support to our clients, so to receive this particular award was a genuine achievement for the full business. We have a few more developments in the pipeline to support our clients and the profession, and hopefully, you’ll get to see our upcoming plans flourish before the year is out…

Highly Commended – Team Leader of the Year

Our Director of Quality & Operations, Jo Campbell, may not have scooped the win but was Highly Commended for her success in leading and training the full team of paraplanners. Her financial seminars have inspired all attendees and have demonstrated the power of financial services marketing. Also, as an active Paraplanner, the whole company respect her position and she is considered a role model by many, which is a wonderful attribute to have when leading a growing team through change.

We are unbelievably proud of our ladies who are well and truly flying the flag for women in finance!

A guide put together by our sister company, Apricity, around DB Transfer Files.

What does a good defined benefit transfer file look like?

A question that our sister company, Apricity, get asked frequently. So, in light of this together with them, they have put a guide together to make things more clear, naturally with a helping hand from us.

This guide will look at the various components of a file that has recommended a defined benefit transfer, provide some pointers, and talk about what Apricity would expect to see in an “ideal” case.

Due to the timeliness of this paper, it also includes an additional element focused on the upcoming changes.

It’s important to remember the individuality; of every case, scheme and, of course, client. Any kind of templating or tickbox mentality is unlikely to result in a strong file. Approaching each case with a blank page view is likely to result in a much more compliant case.

This paper will provide some context, ideas and guidance in, hopefully, plain English. Apricity undertook a survey to find out the concerns people have in this area, and some of these results are summarised at the end. It has also been aimed to cover specific issues advisers raised when undertaking the survey in here.

To download your copy of this free guide, visit the Apricity site here.