We are big believers that having good support in place is key to running a successful advisory firm. Getting quality reports turned around and out the door faster than you could do single-handedly, not only helps grow your business, but it means you get to spend more time doing what you do best – seeing clients.

Let’s face it, good Paraplanners are hard to find (we know better than most). Outsourcing your paraplanning support is a wonderful solution to many – especially those who are struggling to find qualified and experienced paraplanner(s) or those who don’t warrant a full-time member of staff. Not to mention the savings on overheads and training resource.

It’s so flexible we’re convinced that it can work for everyone; we can simply fit ourselves into your existing processes and liaise with you like another member of your team with no need to clear a desk for us.

We put a tremendous amount of nurturing into our team, enabling them to be the best paraplanners they can possibly be – therefore we are confident in knowing that the support we offer is of world class quality, it’s one of our main values as a business.

So, how does it work?

We provide you with compliant, quality and client friendly reports that can be personalised to your firm’s brand – logos, colour palettes and preferred fonts – as well as any bits of extra content you may require. Download a sample report here and see for yourself. And if that’s not enough to excite you – our turnaround time is 5 working days from receipt of all information.

Hate speaking to providers?

No problem. Our dedicated Technical Research Team spring into action from the point of sending LOA’s. They are experts in collating all the information needed on existing policies. This is then seamlessly handed over to our team of Paraplanners who provide you with research, cash flow modelling and report writing – there’s no advice area we can’t cover. Find out more about the full team here.

The tech.

Using our bespoke online software, Rise, sharing cases with us is as simple as logging in and entering a few key details about your case requirements. You can have a number of user accounts (at no extra cost) meaning you and your colleagues have full transparency of what stage your case is at, in live time. The system of course is fully secure and GDPR compliant too. Click here to book a demo of the system.

If you still aren’t convinced that we’re the right fit for you – contact Kim, our dedicated Director of Client Relations, who is on hand to give you any further information you require.

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