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#FYIFinance – Paraplanner

As part of The Verve Group’s #FYIfinance series, our very own Alex Buckle was featured to give the low down on all things being a paraplanner… Not many people have heard of the paraplanning role in financial services, including Alex, who explains how she got into the industry below… “I first came across the role […]


To keep or not to keep?

That seems to be the question now in relation to open-ended property funds. Our friends at Apricity summarised the main proposed changes under the Consultant Paper 20/15 which you can read here, including the options available to you at your firm. Here, we’ll look at some of the practical considerations. Approach to making changes Assuming […]

The planned changes around DB – what you need to know

Following the PS20/6 from the FCA, they have stated that when it comes to Defined Benefit (DB) transfers there are “too many instances where transfers were not in consumers’ best interests”. The focus of the review therefore, is to empower consumers and ensure that consumers understand the advice given. It is important then from a […]


Returning to the office post-Covid

I’ve had loads of questions around returning to the office and I know many business owners are struggling to figure out the best way to approach it, so thought I’d share our experiences. There’s a lot of different views around IF a return to the office should happen. In the early days of giddiness around […]

How paraplanning might change in the future

Paraplanning is still a pretty new job; I still find myself explaining to friends and family what it is I do (no, it doesn’t involve parachutes, paragliding, parasailing). However, even in that short time, the role has changed a lot, and continues to change. This is never more obvious than at the current time, when […]

Eclipse: Full coverage from the last week.

It feels like we’re moving on to yet another phase of the Covid journey of fun we’ve all had the pleasure of experiencing so far in 2020; the immediate crisis is moving behind us*, and we’re now staring into an abyss of challenges and struggles as we deal with the aftermath. Markets bouncing around quite […]


The thinking behind Project 2030

You may have heard we have been working on a little something called #Project2030. When the world went into lockdown, we knew we had to start looking at our services across The Verve Group differently, ensuring that they are fully future-proofed for our clients. And so, #Project2030 was born and the outcome saw the launch […]

Paraplanner Team of the Year

To say the last few weeks have been busy would be somewhat of an understatement. With the launch of our #Project2030 and the brand-new services that came along with it, our feet have barely touched the floor. So, you can imagine the joy that it brought to the team when our efforts were recognised by […]